Flight Computer MK1

To the stars!
Enjoy the opportunity to obtain flight computer for your system with advanced all-in-one solution.
We made all-in-one solution. Our computer has the ability to manage the initiation of your rocket, its landing, and even the conditions during its flight. Our innovation offers support through backup power cycles and robustness against heavy loads.
Flight Computer MK1 powerful features
Great architecture & open source firmware
To achieve these requirements, the flight computer employed an STM32 processor with a built-in LoRa radio for communication. The board also included a 70F supercapacitor as an alternative power source and a power selector that switches between the battery and the supercapacitor.
Unfailing system
important aspect of weight is its distribution – during high-G ascend (it is reasonable to expect up to 10 Gs), every bit of mass dissymmetry affects the craft much more. Lastly, the FC components must survive the acceleration and deceleration during the launch and the subsequent landing, respectively.
Tested in the stratosphere on a stratospheric balloon and in a small launch rocket.
Flight Computer MK1 characteristics
Our first modular model with custom firmware.
Utility model (pg. 26) 37574

Compact dimensions
width 35mm
Fast data processing
modular connection
From EU
Czech Republic
120 g
optimized power consuption
Operating t˚
-15°C –⁠ 100°C
Built-in GPS
Max Operational Ascent
Flight Computer MK1

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Expected price: 750 USD

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